Praise You in this Storm

I’ve been listening to a lot of Casting Crowns Lately, specifically the Lifesong album. One song on this album that I’ve really been listening to a lot is the song “Praise You in this Storm” The Chorus Goes like this: (If you haven’t heard the song, I’ll post a link down below) And I’ll praise…
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PSA: Single Awareness Day

Here’s a funny video for you on this Valentines Day Morning. Why being single is important. A PSA.

How to be a Happy In Ear Monitor User

Over the last 10 years there has been a slow, gradual shift to using In Ear monitors. The Church has struggled the most with this transition and it seems it goes slower and with more opposition. People are afraid of change, and most churches are pre-equipped with floor wedges, so “why change what isn’t broken?”…
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Behringer X32 vs PreSonus StudioLive Series III 32 Channel

Edit Oct 18 (again) I just want to point out that I am not a professional, and this is┬ádefinitely a biased article towards PreSonus. I have been asked multiple times what I think about the new PreSonus board compared to other boards, namely the X32. Ive done my best to correct factual errors, but please…
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