SKL eSports is an eSports organization based out of Saskatchewan. They serve content to thousands of viewers a year through their online channels and live events.

While with SKL I worked on the 2016 League of Legends live finals event including all the behind the scenes broadcasting as well as photography for various events such as the SKL Beer Night, the Hearthstone Finals and more.

Meanwhile in Saskatchewan is a local community and company from Saskatchewan with a focus on online content about Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan themed apparel and merchandise. Meanwhile in Saskatchewan reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month.

While working for Meanwhile in Saskatchewan, I completed version 1 and 2 of their website, was responsible for the filming and pre-production of some of the early Ask Sask episodes, and did various photography for merchandise.

The Rock is a basketball tournament held annually in Regina by Christian Schools. It invites schools from all over Saskatchewan and occasionally Alberta.

My company was responsible for the live broadcast including live streaming, commentary, interviews, website deployment, stat tracking, social media and more. We also did live in house sound and lighting.