Behringer X32 vs PreSonus StudioLive Series III 32 Channel

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  1. Steve Davis says:

    Good article, but as you said your bias does show through, I will want to get my hands on one before making a purchase, but you definitely need to spend some more time with learning the X32 as the USB recording or use of waves plugins is awesome, and yes you can use the computer program “X32 Edit” and record over the same USB connection. You should also check out the 3rd party Android app “MixingStation” it has many of the features that you said made the PreSonus app stand out, and has the bonus of working on $150.00 or less tablets instead of $600+ iPads.

    • Lyndon Dueck says:

      I dont know if I mentioned it but I had no luck getting USB connectivity to work and many posts I researched online stated that the USB port didnt work properly for them either. Not sure what the deal is here.

      My biggest thing is the overall user experience on the PreSonus is way more pleasant and its just a chore to find and use things on the X32. I already had iPads before so buying an Android App specifically for mixing isnt economical for me.

      • Steve Davis says:

        Thanks for responding, it may be that you have a defective USB card as I had no (after installing the correct drivers) issues connecting either an old windows laptop (could run edit and record multichannel but not enough power to run effects) or either of my Mackbooks. Have you made sure that you have the correct drivers installed (Windows only) since there are 2 different cards? I have used the series 1 PreSonus and do appreciate them but the X32 is FAR superior in sound quality (the venues that I have been in work much better with the “warm” preamps vers the “cold” (some would say more accurate ) ones) and features as well as (to me) ease of use. I definitely want to try one of the series 3 boards before I recommend a purchase. I also want to try the Yamaha TF series but have been using a QU16 and do NOT like it.

  2. Tim Miller says:

    Helpful comparison. I’m a bit biased myself, too, and have had 4 PreSonus boards for different venues. But it’s been a while and your article helped me get up to speed on the current offerings of both systems.

  3. Tim says:

    I agree with most of your comments about the x32, it just feels clunky to me. Maybe it’s the lack of touch screen, maybe it’s the lack of well laid out knobs for channel settings, or it could be how many button presses it takes to get anywhere. I have only been on the Presonus Series III at a training session over at Full Compass. I also have extensive use of QU series from Allen and Heath. The Presonus I only heard over headphones. But the effects, like the plate reverb seemed to me be leaps ahead of two things, first the old 24.4.2 (duh) and second yes even better than the x32, maybe not leaps and bounds, but to my ears the presonus is simply better sounding in the effects department. Again short time with it… As far as how the qu fits in, too few outs IMHO. We often have 9-10 people, I need 10 mono outs. We are a smaller Church, and have a x32 now, and are going to be moving to something with a more simple interface next year, which by my thoughts the Series III wins in so many categories it’s not even funny. Just my humble and hopefully informed enough opinions.

    • Lyndon Dueck says:

      I installed a PreSonus Series III in my church and absolutely loved it, it’s been great. Highly recommend it to any church with a small budget but looking to modernize their sound.

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