How to be a Happy In Ear Monitor User

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  1. Stephen L Davis says:

    Thanks for the good info, I am at a new church plant, we only have 2 stage wedges and want to add more monitor mixes so are considering going with in-ears. I was looking at the Rolls PM351 for the keyboard and guitar players. Have you checked out the KZ ZST ear buds? On several sound facebook groups they are said to be comparable to the Shure in-ear monitors at a greatly reduced cost.

    • Lyndon Dueck says:

      Glad to help! I’m working on launching a new website focused on helping churches, specifically small churches, with articles on sound as well as resources for graphic design and more. Maybe this can be help for you in the future.

      In terms of the Rolls PM351, I haven’t used those but have used the PM50, just a more basic version. They work great for a static player (piano, drums, etc), only downfall is the required power adapter. I’m an advocate for clean stages, if I could do fully wireless I could, but understand budgets don’t always allow for this which is why I tend to go for the belt packs as they are the “cleanest” option.

      On the KZ ZST earbuds, have never heard of them, did a quick search and they look like a Pro IEM knockoff, I’d be wary of using them and pushing lots of sound. They claim to have a full 1 driver but at that price Im not sure the quality is on par with the SE215’s, but I could be wrong. It is just a treble driver so be wary about recommending these to bass players, drummers, etc as the low end will probably be non existent. The other thing to note is with cheaper headphones, pushing lots of sound through these will be difficult so keep the mix clean and limited to as few channels as possible.

      Good luck with the new church plant, if I can be of any help at all, feel free to let me know.

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